Monday, August 24, 2009

Alana Potocnik of Abigail Williams

Interview- Ama Reeves
Photos Submitted by Alana from Various Artists

In a genre that runs rapid with testosterone, beer, blood, and groupies there stands very little space or desire for female musicians. With Abigail Williams, this is not the case. This epic black metal band is now on it's third female (and completely gorgeous) keyboardist, Alana Potocnick. Just as predecessors (who've moved on to the likes of Cradle of Filth and Winds of Plague), Alana isn't there just for her looks. Her talent and song writing capabilities put her in a league or her own and that's why Invasion loves her!

Ama: What is your name and what do you do?

Alana:My name is Alana Potocnik and i play keyboards in Abigail Williams

Ama: Were you ever in any bands before Abigail Williams?

Alana: Yes, iv been playing in bands since i was 14, but my most recent national act i played in was called The Breathing Process

Ama: Abigail Williams has had alot of line up changes, is this the permanent line up?

Alana: Not to sure yet, were still undergoing some tryouts. We want to make sure the line up is solid before announcing anything set in stone.

Ama: Your predecessors Ashley and Kristen have gone on to do some great things, are you stoked for them?

Alana: Of course, its always awesome to hear other girls in metal, succeeding. Best of luck to them, they are going far!

Ama: Was it hard to fill their shoes?

Alana: I was worried as to of what people may think about me or fans comparing me to ashely alot, but i think alot of people respect me as a pianist because trust me, ashleys work is not easy. She is an amazing musician and im glad i had the opportunity to undergo the challenge of filling her shoes.

Ama: Your band sits on a lot of fences genre-wise what would you say you are?

Alana: I would like to label us as symphonic black metal. The music is very keyboard driven but dark guitars and fast drums.

Ama: Are you a classically trained musician?

Alana: Yes. i started with music when i was young, although i began playing guitar when i was 8, but i was convinced to take piano lessons also. I was first trained in jazz piano and then switched to classical.

Ama: What's the hardest part about being a girl in an all male touring band?

Alana: Haha, im pretty used to being on tour with a bunch of smelly guys, but the hardest part id say is being able to maintain my hygiene the way i like to. Also having to deal with the guys farting and talking about their sex stories although most of them make me laugh.

Ama: Your band is touring relentlessly for the next six months, is this hard on you?

Alana: I get homesick alot, but i love being on the road, its what i live for. I tend to get really sick on tour also so i know there will be a bunch of times where i wont be enjoying tour as much as usual. haha

Ama: What are some tour essentials, being a girl?

Alana: Hmm, some tour essentials. My green and black fuzzy blanket definatly, macbook and wireless card, make up bag, hair straightener etc. Showers, laundry rooms, BED, and a gym are some essentials are hard to find on tour that the guys dont need as much as i do.

Ama: Do you have any advice for girls trying to start bands?

Alana: Dont be discouraged because you are a girl, be strong and show them guys what we can do!

Ama: What's next for you and your band?

Alana:We have a tour in october with God Dethroned and a tour in January with Nile with more in the works. We are at home working on the next album currently.

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